My internship at Brands of Pascal

04-02-2015 17:31

My internship at Brands of Pascal

My name is Bella and I have for the last few days been working at Brands Of Pascal. I’m a economic student from Stockholm, Sweden and right now I have school project that grants me two weeks of internship at a company. And as you may understand, I choose to visit Brands of Pascal in Holland, Apeldoorn. The internship of two weeks has given me the opportunity to come to Holland and to visit this beautiful company. Brands of Pascal has given me an opportunity which i’m very grateful for and brought me an experience which I both have learnt and gotten a lot of joy from.

So why did I choose Brands Of Pascal?

I choose brands of pascal for several different reasons, those being based on the fact that I could visit an new country, I would learn more about jewelry and so I would understand more thoroughly all the hard work that is put in, to achieve success and create beautiful things.

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What have I done?

During the time I have been here I have done several different things, I have both counted the storage of the jewelry, I have been on big business meetings and I have learnt how the advertising works and how you create beautiful collages.I have also visited several of the stores. Apart from the more practical things which I’ve done I have also done interviews with different employees at the company and with Pascal Van De Bunte. The purpose of the interviews was so I could knowledge of the structure of the company and to learn more about the upcoming spring/summer collections and trends that are hot right now. I got to see the new collections which are stunning, full of beautiful pastel colors and new symbols. The new Ps call me collection is like the previous ones very chic and luxurious with beautiful stones and pure cold. One of my favorites in the new ps call me collection is the black hematite bracelets with pure gold which are absolutely gorgeous, and the pink pastel gemstone bracelets with either gold, rose or silver.

So conclude, this far it’s been an amazing experience with lots of fun. I was mostly impressed by not only the beautiful head office, that looks like a home full of colors and life but also stunned by the good work atmosphere that was in the office and the close unity between the co workers.

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